Your business can bring out the best in the Cloud.

Evolve your operations through our CloudOps experience in creation, migration, management and optimization.

Through Cloud Services, we support your business when facing any challenge.

Reduced costs

Have your costs increased? Or have you still not migrated operations and wonder if it’s worth a try? We support your business in assessing and bringing out the best in Cloud.

Enhanced security

We assess your environment and implement advanced security layers through a 24/7 NOC and observability techniques that ensure visibility and transparency.

Create new solutions

Our multi-sector expertise, combined with more than 20 years in the market, enables us to boost your capabilities in developing and implementing products quickly.

Maximized performance

Through Cloud Services, we assist your operations in growing free of concern while reducing instability risks in application and improving cost-effectiveness.

One supplier, all the solutions.

More than 100 companies count on UDS to ensure operational excellence.

Cloud Services case studies that prove our excellence.

Como criamos a infraestrutura Cloud do melhor meio de pagamento do Brasil.

Redução de custo Cloud para a maior operadora TV por assinatura do Brasil.

The ideal Cloud Services partner for your business

Cloud, Software Architecture, and Cybersecurity specialist.

Experience in critical mission environment (banking, streaming services, etc.)

Goes beyond the Cloud: operates on applications and general infrastructure.

Performs software implementation on demand or according to needs.

Eradicates vulnerabilities wihin Cloud environments and with softwares.

Focused on optimizing Cloud and platform costs.

Impartial in face of Cloud providers (AWS, GCP, Azure, Oracle, etc.)

Cloud Services

Average Cloud Services

Technology transforms.
We create transformation.

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clients all over the world, in the Americas, Europe and Asia.

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developed projects for different market areas.

Outsourcing de TI | Alocação de TI - UDS Tecnologia (4)
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years experience in software development.

Ensure your peace of mind through UDS's Cloud Services.

Frequenty asked questions:

Our experts will talk to you in order to understand the current status of your business and assess your Cloud Computing needs, pinpoint the best working model, ad create a customized proposal to achieve your goals.

UDS Cloud Services has working models that support your business in all Cloud challenges. From starting the right way with financial advantages, to migration projects, management and optimization of your cloud environment, regardless of the sector, data volume, or complexity.

Our projects focus on cost reduction, on increasing security, on maximizing performance, and adopting emerging technologies.

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We do. Count on UDS’s Cloud Migration services to quickly and securely migrate your operations to he cloud, either from an on-premise source or from one Cloud provider to another.

We migrate data, complete software, and other resources. All of that guarantees the stability of services, zero impact on the end user, and high security.

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Unlike the majority of suppliers, we go beyond the Cloud: our advanced knowledge in Software, CloudOps, and DevSecOps allows us to also work on the infrastructure and development / application layers. Therefore, we ensure the success of your cloud operations, regardless of the complexity of your project.

Besides, we are a Software House with over 20 years of experience. During that period, we have created, managed, and optimized hundreds of Cloud infrastructures for leading national and global brands in several sectors and industries, including critical infrastructures.

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Fully or partially migrating your infrastructure to a cloud environment is inevitable, but it is ideal to study that migration and the best time to do it.

Several features of your operations, even its glitches, can be great learning opportunities in the Cloud environment.

Perform a Cloud Diagnosis and understand the advantages, the key steps, the return on investment, and other details of a migration.

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We adopt advanced techniques to contribute to well-structured or critical Cloud environments, including:

  • Executing demands quickly and without disrupting your internal team;
  • Having access to incentives and lower prices;
  • Responding to critical and high-volume incidents;
  • Raising your level of security and resilience;
  • Carrying out proofs of concept to implement recent technologies;
  • Providing the use of resources.

Count on UDS Cloud Management and Cloud Optimization services to continually manage and optimize your Cloud environments.

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The investment depends on the type, scope, and other characteristics of your project.

Generating a Cloud Consulting quote with UDS is quick:

  1. Our experts talk to you and assess your Cloud needs;
  1. We create a customized proposal to achieve your goals.

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