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There are more than 50 openings for in-person, fully remote, and hybrid positions all over Brazil.

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What's it like working at UDS? The team keeps it real!

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We create


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Since 2003, we have made companies more valuable, more competitive, and more innovative through technology solutions.

We deliver high added value, as quickly as possible, while building trusting relationships and solid partnerships with our collaborators and clients.

Focusing on agility and technical quality, we build applications, systems, and platforms that deliver measurable benefits to businesses.

We care about the best return on investment because, to us, our client’s success is ours as well.

Our squads are experienced and high-performing.

We believe that...

Competent and committed people don’t need to be micromanaged.

Those same people will go a long way if they can count on a collaborative environment.

Straight talk and shared information are essential in finding the best solutions.

Making mistakes soon is just as important as learning from them.

Collaborating with established brands is a testament to competence.

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We operate based on 6 fundamental values. They are the tenets that uphold our work.

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We reshape our practices daily in order to provide the best solutions and to overcome challenges swiftly.

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High Quality

Quality and continued improvement are non-negotiable. Our clients review us continually and our NPS is 9.2.

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We consider our partners’ business goals as our goals as well. We take responsibility for results and outcomes.

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Close-knit teams

Our squads submerge into our clients’ culture and work shoulder to shoulder in full cooperation.

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We value demanding and transparent professionals, highly capable in finding solutions.

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We are accessible and decentralized. Self-governance allows for quick solutions, free of red tape.

Your office can be


We support remote and flexible work with well-defined procedures so you can have autonomy.

Work from home, from the client’s place, from the beach or from the country house. As long as you’re digital-first, your zip code doesn’t matter.

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We will come

to you.

To us, geographic distance is a mere detail. Not only are you invited to participate in company decisions, you also receive birthday and company anniversary gifts, and you are a VIP guest at our celebrations.

And the best part: your family can take part in these moments with you!

Why are we unique?

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In the labor market

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Companies hire professionals, but micromanage them as if they were amateurs.

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Careers plans are either non-existent or difficult to understand. It seems to be done on purpose!

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You depend on your coworkers’ willingness to help you understand your role.

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People are hired to do what they are told to do, not to be strategic.

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They expect you to be 1000 in 1. The job descriptions are endless.

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The work routine is demanding, but holding enough room for you to work like a real professional.

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Our Career Plan consists of progressions (literally) designed in levels.

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Mentoring and Individual Development Plans (IDPs) are well-established procedures.

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Collaboration. High performance squads. Integration. We involve you in decision making.

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We want experts to do what they were hired to do.

“What I love about UDS is the respect and ethics that the company cultivates, as well as the humane treatment between team members and management. Besides, UDS constantly seeks procedure improvement, wich only fuels my passion for the work I do.”
Talita Colin - Carreiras - UDS Tecnologia

Talita Colim

Tech Recruiter at UDS
“I can say that it is amazing to work at UDS because I have the independence I need to carry out my work and I am appreciated for what I do. Whats I like most is the respect for people, the relaxed atmosphere, and the focus on results, which always go beyond the client’s expectations.”
Lucas Fassion - Carreiras - UDS Tecnologia

Lucas Fassion

DevSecOps Engineer at UDS
“To me, working at UDS provides opportunities for learning more every day… we have incredible professionals who encourage us to make daily progress and, that way, we create the best digital products for our clients!”
Gisele Lourenço - Carreiras - UDS Tecnologia

Gisele Lourenço

Product Owner at UDS


we offer:

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Benefit basket

Food, meal, transportation, and fuel vouchers. And extra bonus for those who put in working time from home!

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Health and Dental Insurance

So you can keep fit with the Unimed Business Plan and the Uniodonto Dental Plan.

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Career Plan

Career Plan and Individual Development Plan. We provide you with room to grow.

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Internal Training

We show appreciation for our knowledge network by holding weekly events to learn together.

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Stimulus for Professional Dev.

Have you found something cool to learn? Let us know, we will provide financial support.

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We partner with several educational institutions, so you can reskill or upskill at a discount.

Technology transforms.
We create transformation.

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clients all over the world, in the Americas, Europe and Asia.

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developed projects for different market areas.

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years experience in software development.

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