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Yamaha was founded in Japan in 1955. It arrived in Brazil in 1970 and was the country’s first motorcycle manufacturer. Its factory is located in Manaus and the management offices are in Guarulhos, with a total of around 2,500 employees who strive for continuous improvement in motorcycles, outboard motors, and waverunners.

In addition to its automotive business, Yamaha produces sound equipment and also provides a range of services through Banco Yamaha (banking), Consórcio Yamaha (Rotating Savings and Credit), and Seguros Yamaha (insurance).

As a result of the extensive logistics experience of Yamaha products, Yamalog was founded in 2017, a logistics company tailored to the needs of customers from the most diverse segments.

Case Study Yamaha - IT Staffing - UDS Technology


Difficulty finding the ideal technical profile

Yamaha faced a problem which usually poses a challenge to companies in search of IT staffing: difficulty in finding the ideal technical profile.

Internally, the recruitment team was unable to find the right professional and therefore could not carry out the necessary technical validation.

For the development of a new digital product, the Japanese automotive  manufacturer needed Full Stack developers with knowledge in Java and NodeJS languages.


The solution for hiring good IT professionals

UDS IT staffing was the solution found by Yamaha to recruit IT professionals who deliver technical excellence.

Technologies and solutions found

We understood that the desired goal was to bring professionals directly into the company’s internal team, so we acted via the staffing service (IT Head Hunting).

Case Study Yamaha - IT Staffing - UDS Technology

We quickly sought out the right profiles for the openings and, in less than 5 days, we presented candidates who were cultural fits and were aligned the company.

A very important point in the process was the technical validation of the candidates’ knowledge. As the desired languages and technologies were different from those already employed by Yamaha, the technical validation was carried out entirely by UDS.

Case Study Yamaha - IT Staffing - UDS Technology

In order to fill the openings even more quickly, we mediated all the interview schedules with the automaker’s leaders.


The whole process took 10 days. UDS worked on a success fee basis, which meant meant that had Yamaha not chosen any of the candidates presented at first, UDS would not have charged the service fee and would have brought in new candidates who were more in line with the company’s expectations.

Case Study Yamaha - IT Staffing - UDS Technology

Hiring IT professionals who deliver technical excellence

Case Study Yamaha - IT Staffing - UDS Technology

Swift search, selection, and hiring process: 10 days.


Case Study Yamaha - IT Staffing - UDS Technology

With UDS IT Head Hunting, Yamaha was able to speed up its projects and to gain access to the best developers on the market.

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